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You have applied and now you need to complete your verification process to become effective member. How? Via bank so that we can verify your name and you can provide your membership fee 2023 fast in the same time. If you have any problem to do that please contact us to so that you will not be suspended. As a member you have right to vote and talk, to do networking with other 20.000 members online, to participate to special events, to collect rescue-points, to influence trends, to apply for uniform, and more.

Member (age 12-57): 15 Eur / year
Member (age 58+): 25 Eur / year
Member Business (company): 45 Eur / year
Member Medical Clinic: 25 Eur / year

BANK TRANSFER TO> Beneficiary: WHITE CROSS UNION at LHV Bank, Tallinn (Estonia, EU)
IBAN: EE497700771007820295
Swift-Code LHVBEE22
Reason: membership fee / donation
Currency: in EUR please.
Bank fees: paid by remitter

Contributor Member: 50 Eur / year
Donor Member: 200 Eur / year (1 white pans, 1 white T-shirt of uniform included)
Member Corporate Sponsor: 1200 Eur / year (special reward included)
Member Angel: 500 Eur / year (1 white pans, 1 white T-shirt included + reward)
Member Ambassador (Symbol on uniform AMBASSADOR + CITY) : 200 Eur** / year
Member Ambassador (Symbol on uniform AMBASSADOR + COUNTRY) : 400 Eur** / year


Contributor Member (Symbol on uniform: C): 50 Eur or more
Donor Member (Symbol on uniform D): 200 Eur or more
Member Corporate Sponsor (Symbol on uniform S) : 1200 Eur or more
Member Angel (Symbol on uniform A) : 500 Eur
Member Ambassador (Symbol on uniform AMBASSADOR + CITY) : 200 Eur**
Member Ambassador (Symbol on uniform AMBASSADOR + COUNTRY) : 400 Eur**

IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT OUR DEVELOPMENT OR SPECIAL OPERATIONS 2023: 25 EUR, or 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 EUR (please in the bank transfer indicate the reason: Rescue Operation Development). Your donation would be warmly welcome, and we will reward you in a special way

Your grade and symbol in uniform might be one of the following (based on experience and CV, not on fees):

Member “Volunteer Rescuer”, VR
Member “Elite Volunteer Rescuer”, EVR
Member “Deputy Crew Chief”,  DCC
Member “Crew Chief”, CC
Member “Brigadier Commander”, BC
Member “Honorary Member”, HM
Member “Meritorious Member”, MM
Member “Ecclesiastic Member”, E
Member “Medic”, MEDIC
Member “Paramedic”, PARAMEDIC
Member “Ambassador”, AMBASSADOR
Member “Lawyer”, LEGAL
Member of the board (you can be too!).

(**) Ambassador, sponsor, or regional developer. Think tank!

Your opportunity to be the local rescue leader, developer of new structures, professional speaker, and to receive your uniforms, support the development of local communities together. We help you build your structure and connect with locals. And you are our “exclusive” regional ambassador (you only)  Read more here.

Please send your CV to members(at) to candidate as ambassador.

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Association White Cross
Independent public benefit association for rescue and medical network development. Made for families and medical professionals. Union of the officials for civil protection in the Nordics and Baltics. NGO & charity platform for good with blockchain for medical crypto assets and sustainable smart projects with social relevance.
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