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We improve the rescue model as our main goal

Our mission: improving rescue model.

We advocate for improving the rescue model and bringing the concept of rescue closer to people. An advanced modern rescue can be decentralized with space also for NGOs, with the participation of volunteers and engaging the civil population much more than before. Rescue shall not be centralized and should become more competitive. If you want to help, we don´t keep you out in case of need. Would you like to support sometimes for couple of hours a senior alone at home, or go in mission to disaster zones to help, or organize a local rescue unit in your district, or to join a rescue team in ambulance in foreign countries, or transport a wounded child to hospital via helicopter? We are working on.

Preparing civil population for disaster.

World is changing. We influence people preparing in advance for disruptive events, to front better than before disaster situations, such us natural catastrophic events, flooding, long-term blackouts or energy-crises, earthquakes, landslides, violent meteorological storms, migrations and displacement, medical emergencies, radio accidents and warfare. We want to influence governments for better supporting families which have been disrupted by tragedies or loss. The new times, between growing meteo instability, wars and unrest will require particular attention and preparation to reduce, risks and pain, for a faster – at least – psychological disaster relief. We believe that the population shall stay tuned, ready to act, to protect their own family, but also ready to help others in any case, keeping a cooperative voluntary society-focused attitude, because we are all together sitting on the same boat.

Why White Cross.

We have taken example from 120 years of growing trend in forming “White Cross rescue associations” in the European continent. It started in Italy, Switzerland and Austria and went on till nowadays, thanks of White Cross volunteers and their families, who expand the White Cross in the Nordic Baltic countries and cooperate regionally with Red Cross volunteers. Another characteristic from the past, that White Cross was able to engage in rescue common people, also without any medical background, who are willing to help others. However according to the historical track many medical doctors and officers have joined the White Cross facilities around the globe, and many agreements with hospitals, clinics (public and private ones), municipalities and States were met to increase quality of the service, manage emergencies with specialized ambulances, and receive public funding. The White Cross symbol have become very common on thousands of city-ambulances. 

We want to inspire you.

We want to boost the White Cross voluntary/professional model on a global scale, unifying the rescue volunteers from different structures, supporting more people through the humanitarian model, reaching out territories not yet covered. And we also want to provide protection for this important category of “angels”, regardless whether they are from White Cross, Red Cross, Civil Protection or other organizations, creating decentralized crisis-centres, cooperation, recreational facilities and legal defense. We of the Nordic Baltic White Cross Union love to inspire in this direction for a culture of the safety, security and civil organization, with the attitude of fraternity. The White Cross has usually great relationship to institutions, police and firebrigade as well, coworking in several emergency situations.

Our currency, ethic code and crypto assets.

Nordic Baltic White Cross has its own currency for rewards: the rescue points. This is how we reward our volunteers for their social activism, differently from many other structures and NGOs. If you help others, you get always something back. In White Cross you receive gratitude and points in your wallet. Any time you do something for good, or provide any contribution, we add points to your account according to the calculator published on the White Cross´s Governance. Many NGOs do not have regulations and clear governance, instead White Cross have and improve the rules time by time according to the tradition “White Cross” and the resolutions of the management board, which are transparently published on internet. Moreover, White Cross uses blockchains and crypto-assets to protect medical assets, designs, artworks made by our volunteers, photographs, videomakers, and for trading medical talent on a global scale using crypto assets. Why crypto assets? Because we want to boost the rescue causes also using decentralized networks of the future: the blockchains.

Co-Founder of the initiative D.R.Janetschek in 1993 as chief coordinator of regional emergency traffic for the federation of the rescue associations
Daniel Janetschek for Baltic White Cross at the Rotary International

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