Regulations and code

from the tradition of White Cross international

General Rules and Code of the White Cross Union International Association for all members

1. WE ARE. White Cross Union” is a voluntary international association of legal and natural persons acting in public interest. The association is non-partisan, apolitical, for a good cause, inspired by the principles of fraternity and charity. We of “White Cross Union” act in accordance with citizen`s initiative. You become a member together with us.

2. CONTACTS. The e-mail address of the association . Our meetings, gathering, conferences, events can be arranged only upon appointment´s approval of “White Cross Union”. Meetings points and operative centres may change anytime.

3. GRADES. All members are volunteers in “White Cross Union” with different grades or categories according to experience in rescue, type of participation and rewards:

“Volunteer Rescuer”, also abbreviated with “VR”
“Elite Volunteer Rescuer”, also abbreviated with “EVR”
“Deputy Crew Chief”, also abbreviated with “DCC”
“Crew Chief”, also abbreviated with “CC”
“Brigadier Commander”, also abbreviated with “BC”
“Angel (A) ”, also abbreviated with “A”
“Sponsor (S) ”, also abbreviated with “S”
“Honorary Member (HM) ”, also abbreviated with “HM”
“Meritorious Member (MM) ”, also abbreviated with “MM”
“Ecclesiastic Member (E) ”, also abbreviated with “E”
“Donor Member (D) ”, also abbreviated with “D”
“Contributor Member (C) ”, also abbreviated with “C”
“Medical Member (MEDIC)”, also abbreviated with “MEDIC”
“Paramedical Member (PARAMEDIC)”, also abbreviated with “PARAMEDIC”

4. OUR GOALS WITH YOU. Together with the other members you want to achieve the following social goals of “White Cross Union”: To support, advise and improve public healthcare, emergency situations and safety, especially for children, families with kids, seniors, and disabled persons. To create and supporting volunteering and initiatives with the aim to help other people. To provide people in need with medical and non-medical facilities and transports. To provide rescue and relief services. To prevent accidents and dangerous happens. To develop medical structures. To develop crisis management to solve catastrophic accidents. To assist war-refugees and families escaping from destruction. To build up temporary or final structures for hosting war-refugees. To organize traineeship in the following fields: rescue, resource mobilization, forensics, operations in security crises, humanitarian negotiation, discussions about safety, networking. To organize charity events to support social causes. To support and run for fundraisers for smart ideas, causes, networks, health, and charity. To provide families, seniors and children with nurse and home healthcare services. To transport human´s organic material and equipment for civil protection. To support digitalization and development of digital networks for health, people, associations, and companies. To organize community clean-ups. To support environment and recycling of materials. To tutor students. To organize civic courses for social integration. To assist or host orphans, homeless persons, and travellers in need. To improve international exchange, tourism and attraction to Estonia and the whole Baltic area. To create cooperation with other “White Cross” initiatives in the world and with the Red Cross international as well as other accredited emergency-rescue structures.

5. YOU ARE THE CHIEF. All members are part of the highest body of “White Cross Union”, so called the “General Assembly” of all members. The General Assembly can elect the Management Board and positively influence the social activities of the Association. New members can apply for membership by e-mail, or through the Association´s website.

6. CALL GENERAL ASSEMBLY. “White Cross Union” calls the General Assembly at least seven days in advance once a year. “White Cross Union” shall call the general assembly if at least one-tenth of the members of the Association so demand in writing indicating the reason one month in advance.

7. ABOUT MEMBERSHIP. Members can be appointed, upgraded, downgraded, suspended, or removed, by letter or e-mail, in case of lack of payment of the social yearly contribution, discipline´s troubles or other reasons. You can terminate your membership by giving written notice legally signed by e-mail.

8. VIDEORECORDING. Meetings and conference can be recorded by video and audio for any social purpose, for media, radio, press or television, if allowed by the local law. If a member has been granted by “White Cross Union” with permission to film with a camera during the social activities, then the member shall send its best video contents to e-mail

9. STAY UPDATED. Members shall keep yourself informed about “White Cross Union” initiatives and you check time by time the webpages of White Cross Union for press releases, invitations, special events, city actions or expeditions. You are welcome to join or support the training programs organized time by time by “White Cross Union”, such first-aid training, rescue training, civil protection training, webinars, and talks.

10. OUR YOUNG PARTICIPANTS. Any citizen, non-citizen, local, foreigner or alien, not younger than 12 years-old who wishes to actively participate in the achievement of the association’s objective based on volunteering could become a member upon written approval of “White Cross Union”. Type of activities for each member are decided by “White Cross Union”. Members younger than 14 years-old can participate only in the presence of a parent or guardian and cannot be involved in critical operations such as crisis and people-rescue. Only members not younger than 14 years can participate to people-rescue activities in “White Cross Union”. Members not younger than 18 years with a drive licence of class B or higher could drive vehicles of the Association upon written authorization of “White Cross Union”. If the member is aged under 18, a parent´s or guardian´s letter of liability is required.

11. UNIFORMS. Members might be required by “White Cross Union” to wear a uniform provided by “White Cross Union”. Member´s grad might be visible on the uniform.

12. GOOD WORDS. Members shall not perform any activity against the safety, reputation, integrity of the “White Cross Union” and of its assets. Members shall make good word of the “White Cross Union” and shares good vibes around. You are liable for any caused damage to “White Cross Union” or third parties. “White Cross Union” is not liable for any caused damage to members for accidents during the activities anywhere.

13. RESPECT FOR RULES AND UPDATES. Members shall follow and respect the official Article of Association of the “White Cross Union” as part of these General Rules, published on web. Members shall follow and respect the General Rules published on this page, as well as any future rule, guideline, measure, decision, disciplinary procedure, which are publicly published on the website, or posted on the wall (if available), or sent by e-mail, or published on Twitter at .

14. MEMBERSHIP. Membership´s fees in “White Cross Union” are mandatory for all members and support the important social initiatives of the Association. The fee is at least 5,00 EUR for each calendar year. The amount shall be paid in advance by the member directly to the official bank account of “White Cross Union” IBAN EE497700771007820295, Swift-Code LHVBEE22 or online via PayPal. Only electronic/digital payments are allowed. Cash payments are not allowed. The membership´s fee is divided into the following categories according to age and internal function, they can change year after year:

Member (age 12-57): 10 Eur
Member (age 57+): 20 Eur
Contributor Member (Symbol on uniform: C): 50 Eur or more
Donor Member (Symbol on uniform D): 200 Eur or more
Member Corporate Sponsor (Symbol on uniform S) : 1000 Eur or more
Member Angel (Symbol on uniform A) : 500 Eur

After receiving member´s contribution, the team of White Cross Union will present membership´s request to the Management Board for approval. The decision about approval or refusal of the membership will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail indicated by the member if the application form on within 1-2 weeks or more. Paid fees for memberships, donations and other contributions are not refundable, but used for covering administrative management costs.

New members of the Association White Cross Union will be appointed by the Management Board with the grad “Volunteer Rescuer”, also abbreviated with “VR” after approval of the request of membership by the Management Board. “Volunteer Rescuer” is the “start” grad valid for all new members. Grad may be upgraded according to certifications and experience or downgraded in case of specific conditions or disciplinary accidents.

Members promise to forward correct and truthful information to White Cross Union in any case, both via e-mail, applications, requests or spoken.

Members are allowed to unsubscribe or terminate the membership with White Cross Union anytime. After termination of the membership, the member may want to ask for removal of all private data and information stored about the member in the computer-system and in any other electronic/digital/paper system. In this case White Cross Union is authorized to keep only the basic information to accomplish to legal duties. The administrative costs for research and removal of the member´s data is paid by the member who requires the removal, with at least 50 Eur contribution.

15. COMMUNICATIONS IN ENGLISH. Communications, media, press, reports, and resolutions in “White Cross Union” may be in Estonian language or English language or other language. During service such us an external emergency service, a medical rescue, civil protection task or other service for people-care, the Crew-Chief (CC) or the responsible member of the operation determines the language to adopt for communications between crew members.

16. REGULATIONS UPDATE. Members are aware that time by time the privacy statement, the cookies policy on web, the legal disclaimers, and the White Cross general regulations may be updated. Anytime an update occurs the White Cross Union will notify the members through a communication via Twitter account The notification will be short just to link directly to the updated page.

17. CONTACT SHARING. White Cross Union association can share your contact details such us name, e-mail, phone number, business name, with other members also without asking permission, for supporting members to find a potential professional match. White Cross Union may connect or members with other members via e-mail, whatsapp, Facebook groups, conferences online or onsite, phone calls.

18. LEGAL ADVISORS. Legal providers and lawyer members may be allowed by White Cross Union to provide other members with legal services and legal counsel. The legal advisors of White Cross Unions agree to provide a first legal advice “pro bono” or at lowest fare, and after that for a fair pricing. In case of “deal” for the legal provider, a voluntary minimal donation to the White Cross Union is recommended to support the social activities of the association. The legal advisors should be at least “member contributors” (C), “angels” or “member donors”, however always classified as “business members” and legal entities in the contribution.

19. DEFINITION OF A FARE RANGE. Members medical operators and members legal advisors, who have required to be enrolled as service provider, shall determine the lowest rate, the average rate, the maximal rate, the discount rate or fixed special offers, for online/onsite consultations/visits, and to inform transparently the White Cross in written form to 

20. LIMIT FOR SUBSCRIBERS IN ENTITLEMENT. Members who have correctly applied for membership and already contributed with their membership-fee can be presented to the management board for enrolment in the association or appointing of grade. Legal entities and legal persons who have applied for membership but not contributed yet will become only “subscribers” without grade, without opportunity to ask uniform, without title of “member”.

21. LIMIT FOR SUBSCRIBERS IN MATCHING PLATFORM. “Subscribers” of White Cross Union who have not acquired the title of “members” yet might cooperate and find deals (business deals, gains, agreements) with other subscribers or members of White Cross Union. However, in case of successful deal the “subscribers” shall remind to become effective members and contribute to the White Cross Union with a membership fee and a voluntary donation for the wealth of the association and to support the social network.

22. FAIR MATCHING. White Cross Union principles are based on fraternity. “Members” of White Cross Union may cooperate and find deals (business deals, gains, agreements) with other subscribers or members or guests (during events) of White Cross Union. In case of successful deal members should voluntarily increase the contribution to White Cross Union or donate for the wealth of the association and to support the social network. However, White Cross Union does not define mandatory fees, limits or restrictions and gives freedom of choice to the members for common good.

23. AVAILABILITY OF SERVICES. White Cross Union offers different services to its members. Services might be provided free of charge or for contribution. However, services might not be available, or available only in some locations.

24. PATIENT ENROLLING. Medical members who are doctors, generic or specialist, or family practitioners may be allowed by White Cross Union to enrol other members as “new patients”. In this case the medical member shall contribute to the White Cross Union with a fee of at least 10% (ten percent) of the transactions time by time. The fees can be sent to White Cross Union via bank transfer once a calendar month. White Cross Union will not monitor the transactions and will trust the members. 

25. NETWORKING. Members, who have contributed to White Cross Union, are warmly invited to join the networking groups on social medias of White Cross Union, according to their sectors and professional categories. Subscribers are invited as well although their access to the platform and sharing facilities might be technically limited. However, each networking group of White Cross Union network or White Cross TV may have other rules. Our members should always comply with the group´s rules to avoid restrictions. Rules are published for each networking group. Our most common groups have more than 10.000 subscribers and members thereby it is required to carefully follow the networking and net-etiquette rules of the groups above all on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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