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Governance & Regulatory Disclosures of the White Cross Union International Association for all members.

1. WE ARE. White Cross Union” is a voluntary international independent association of legal and natural persons acting in public interest for good. The association is non-partisan, apolitical, for developing the voluntary sector and improving rescue processes for disaster relief, inspired by the principles of fraternity and charity. We of “White Cross Union” act in accordance with citizen`s initiative. You become a member together with us.

2. CONTACTS. The e-mail address of the association Our meetings, gathering, conferences, events can be arranged only upon appointment´s approval of “White Cross Union”. Meetings points and operative centres may change anytime.

3. GRADES. All members are volunteers in “White Cross Union” with different grades or categories according to experience in rescue, type of participation and rewards:

“Volunteer Rescuer”, also abbreviated with “VR”
“Elite Volunteer Rescuer”, also abbreviated with “EVR”
“Deputy Crew Chief”, also abbreviated with “DCC”
“Crew Chief”, also abbreviated with “CC”
“Brigadier Commander”, also abbreviated with “BC”
“Angel (A) ”, also abbreviated with “A”
“Sponsor (S) ”, also abbreviated with “S”
“Honorary Member (HM) ”, also abbreviated with “HM”
“Meritorious Member (MM) ”, also abbreviated with “MM”
“Donor Member (D) ”, also abbreviated with “D”
“Contributor Member (C) ”, also abbreviated with “C”
“Medical Member (MEDIC)”, also abbreviated with “MEDIC”
“Paramedical Member (PARAMEDIC)”, also abbreviated with “PARAMEDIC”
“Legal lawyer Member (LEGAL)”, also abbreviated with “LEGAL”

4. OUR GOALS WITH YOU. Together with the other members you want to achieve the following social goals of “White Cross Union”: To support, advise and improve public healthcare, emergency situations and safety, especially for children, families with kids, seniors, and disabled persons. To create and supporting volunteering and initiatives with the aim to help other people. To provide people in need with medical and non-medical facilities and transports. To provide rescue and relief services. To prevent accidents and dangerous happens. To develop medical structures. To develop crisis management to solve catastrophic accidents. To assist war-refugees and families escaping from destruction. To build up temporary or final structures for hosting war-refugees. To organize traineeship in the following fields: rescue, resource mobilization, forensics, operations in security crises, humanitarian negotiation, discussions about safety, networking. To organize charity events to support social causes. To support and run for fundraisers for smart ideas, causes, networks, health, and charity. To provide families, seniors and children with nurse and home healthcare services. To transport human´s organic material and equipment for civil protection. To support digitalization and development of digital networks for health, people, associations, and companies. To organize community clean-ups. To support environment and recycling of materials. To tutor students. To organize civic courses for social integration. To assist or host orphans, homeless persons, and travellers in need. To improve international exchange, tourism and attraction to Estonia and the whole Baltic area. To create cooperation with other “White Cross” initiatives in the world and with the Red Cross international as well as other accredited emergency-rescue structures.

5. YOU ARE THE CHIEF. All members are part of the highest body of “White Cross Union”, so called the “General Assembly” of all members. The General Assembly can elect the Management Board and positively influence the social activities of the Association. New members can apply for membership by e-mail, or through the Association´s website.

6. CALL GENERAL ASSEMBLY. “White Cross Union” calls the General Assembly at least seven days in advance once a year. “White Cross Union” shall call the general assembly if at least one-tenth of the members of the Association so demand in writing indicating the reason one month in advance.

7. ABOUT MEMBERSHIP.  Members can be appointed, upgraded, downgraded, suspended, or removed, by letter or e-mail. Members may terminate the membership by giving written notice according to the White Cross regulations explained in paragraph 14.

8. VIDEORECORDING AND OTHER MEDIA. Meetings and conference can be recorded by video and audio for any social purpose, for media, radio, press or television. If a member has been granted by “White Cross Union” with permission to film with a camera during the social activities, then the member shall send the video contents to e-mail Profile pictures of the members, for example from CV or LinkedIn account may be published by White Cross Union on web.

9. STAY UPDATED. Members shall keep yourself informed about “White Cross Union” initiatives and you check time by time the webpages of White Cross Union for press releases, invitations, special events, city actions or expeditions. You are welcome to join or support the training programs organized time by time by “White Cross Union”, such first-aid training, rescue training, civil protection training, webinars, and talks.

10. OUR YOUNG PARTICIPANTS. Any citizen, non-citizen, local, foreigner or alien, not younger than 12 years-old who wishes to actively participate in the achievement of the association’s objective based on volunteering could become a member upon written approval of “White Cross Union”. Type of activities for each member are decided by “White Cross Union”. Members younger than 14 years-old can participate only in the presence of a parent or guardian and cannot be involved in critical operations such as crisis and people-rescue. Only members not younger than 14 years can participate to people-rescue activities in “White Cross Union”. Members not younger than 18 years with a drive licence of class B or higher could drive vehicles of the Association upon written authorization of “White Cross Union”. If the member is aged under 18, a parent´s or guardian´s letter of liability is required.

11. UNIFORMS. Members might be required by “White Cross Union” to wear a uniform provided by “White Cross Union”. Member´s grad might be visible on the uniform.

12. GOOD WORDS. Members shall not perform any activity against the safety, reputation, integrity of the “White Cross Union” and of its assets. Members shall make good word of the “White Cross Union” and shares good vibes around. You are liable for any caused damage to “White Cross Union” or third parties. “White Cross Union” is not liable for any caused damage to members for accidents during the activities anywhere.

13. RESPECT FOR RULES AND UPDATES. Members shall follow and respect the official Article of Association of the “White Cross Union” as part of these General Rules, published on web. Members shall follow and respect the General Rules published on this page, as well as any future rule, guideline, measure, decision, disciplinary procedure, which are publicly published on the website, or posted on the wall (if available), or sent by e-mail, or published on Twitter at

14.0 MEMBERSHIP. For supporting the humanitarian association White Cross Union, and the social initiatives, each member shall contribute each calendar year (from January to December) with a fair amount of at least 15 EUR (fifteen €), to give to White Cross Union within 5 days from the date of registration sent via web. The minimal membership fee of 15 Eur is given by the member regardless of whether for example the member joins White Cross in January or in October. The membership fee shall be paid each year not later than 20th of January. Members can do voluntary work anywhere and anytime according to their own wish, according to the aims and social goals of White Cross Union, and according to current needs, time by time. Only White Cross union may assign works and tasks according to the internal needs. Each work shall be transparently reported between the White Cross Union and the member via e-mail.

14.1 CONTRIBUTION OF THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD. Members of the board shall contribute to White Cross Union with an amount of at least 15 EUR per calendar year (from January to December). The officer CEO of the Management Board or the officer General Secretary shall keep track of the work done, and presence in assembly, from the other members of the Management Board. Work can be done everywhere according to the board-member´s wish, according to the needs of White Cross Union. Only officers of White Cross Union may assign voluntary humanitarian works and tasks according to the internal needs. Each work shall be transparently reported between the White Cross Union and the member of the management Board via e-mail.

14.2 REWARD-POINTS FOR THE VOLUNTEERS AND MEMBERS. White Cross Union does not forget who supports the association and people in need. The Union pays each member with a number of points according to the formula:




The points will be useful for rewards and grade. Points are stored “safe” in the database of the association; however, each member should keep track and record if its points also outside the computer system to avoid misunderstanding. Each voluntary work activity provided by the member to White Cross Union shall always be proved with an e-mail, so the members should conserve the e-mails with White Cross Union. The Union shall send an e-mail to the member any time a work has been done by the member and recognized with points.

14.3 CONTRIBUTION IS TRANSFERRED DIGITALLY. Except for extraordinary events, to be valid the contributions from the members shall be sent directly to the official bank account of White Cross Union in Estonia, or online via PayPal, Stripe or other official secure payment platforms as indicated on the website Paid fees for memberships, donations and other contributions are not refundable, but used for covering administrative management costs, or go to charity for humanitarian tasks of the White Cross Union. The membership´s fees are divided into the following categories according to age and internal function. Contributions may change year after year, but rewards-points and formula will not change:

Member (age 12-57): from 15 Eur, receives 150 points or more (10 EUR = 100 points)

Member (age 58+): from 25 Eur, receives 250 points or more

Member Business: from 45 Eur, receives 450 points or more, given to the company; every employed person in the company who provide voluntary charity work will enrich the points of the company and its own points-wallet.

Member Contributor (with grade on uniform): from 50 Eur , receives 500 points or more.

Member Donor (with grade on uniform): from 200 Eur, receives 2000 points or more

Member Corporate Sponsor (with grade on uniform) : from 1000 Eur, receives 10000 points or more

Member Angel (with grade on uniform) : from 500 Eur, receives 5000 points or more

Member Legal (with sign on uniform “LEGAL”): from 25 EUR, receives 250 points or more

Member Medic (with sign on uniform “MEDIC”): from 15 EUR, receives 150 points or more

Member Paramedic (with a sign on uniform “PARAMEDIC”): from 15 EUR, receives 150 points or more

Member of the Board (with a sign on uniform): from 15 EUR, receives 150 points or more

14.4. START AND TERMINATION OF THE MEMBERSHIP. White Cross Union invests resources in enrolling members; therefore White Cross Union has simplified the procedure for becoming member for a more friendly approach with the new members, and less expensive. The membership is obtained instantly by each person or business, who have applied from any application form provided on the pages of the internet domain “”. Each request, enrolment, form on “” sent to White Cross Union is valid as request of membership, if the application contains approval of the data-registration, the inclusion in the members´ list, as well as the approval of the statute of the association, privacy statement and cookies policies. In such a case, the White Cross Union immediately approve the membership with or without giving notification to the member. The activation of the membership is valid, if the application form sent via web has generated an e-mail notification with the data of the applicant and sent to the legal e-mail of White Cross Union. The applicant could receive an automatic “welcome e-mail” with further instructions from the White Cross Union. Since the “welcome e-mail” might land in the spam folder, the member should check if the “welcome e-mail” has not arrived within 60 minutes. The member may contact White Cross Union to to verify if the activation of the membership has been processed. From the instant of reception of the application from the member, the member will be considered effective member of White Cross Union for the current calendar year, until December, and from 1st of January of the next year, and for all next years, for undefined period of time. However, the applicant should consider itself “member” of White Cross Union” from the instant of accepting the policies of White Cross Union and sending the application via web. The membership in White Cross Union is time-unlimited and automatically renewed years after years without need of further notification. A member can be excluded by decision of the Management Board or can terminate the membership by sending a signed legal letter to White Cross Union. To consider that the termination of a subscription on web such us the termination of a mailing-list (unsubscription) is not a termination of membership. Thereby a member can still receive important legal communications from White Cross Union until the termination has been explained, legally signed, and sent officially by e-mail. If a member requires the termination of the membership, the member shall pay the unpaid membership fees of the previous years, plus a termination-fee of 10 EUR (10 Euro) for supporting the White Cross Union in managing the termination. If the member does not pay termination fee and the membership fees of the previous year, the termination of the membership is not approved, not executed. 

14.5 GRADE AND APPOINTING OF A MEMBER. New members of the Association White Cross Union are appointed with the grade “Volunteer Rescuer”, also abbreviated with “VR” from the instant of start of validity of the membership. “Volunteer Rescuer” is the “start” grade valid for all new members. Grade may be upgraded according to certifications, points and experience, or downgraded in case of serious accidents or disciplinary events.

14.6 TRUTHFUL PERSONAL DATA AND VALIDATION. Members promise to forward correct and truthful information to White Cross Union in any case, both via e-mail, applications, requests or spoken. Contributions provided by the member to White Cross Union shall come from the same name (or similar at least) of the applicant, who has fulfilled an application form of White Cross Union. This is also necessary for verification of the identity of the member. Members and any applicant authorize White Cross Union to eventually check the identity of the applicant/member. 

14.7 UNSUBSCRIPTION FROM MAILING-LIST. Whenever a member wants to terminate the communications with White Cross Union, the member can unsubscribe from the mailing list, using the provided “unsubscribe” button, or by sending an e-mail asking to unsubscribe. Otherwise, the member can terminate the membership with White Cross Union anytime according to paragraph 14.4 of the regulations of White Cross Union. 

14.8 DATA CANCELLATION AFTER TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP. After termination of the membership, the member may want to ask for removal of all private data and information stored about the member in the computer-system and in any other electronic/digital/paper system. In this case White Cross Union is authorized to keep only the basic information to accomplish to legal duties. The member who asks the data-research/removal shall come towards to the White Cross Union providing an administrative contribution to White Cross Union of at least 50 Eur to give in advance. The fee will go to the charity fund of White Cross Union, for good humanitarian things only.

14.9 SUSPENSION OF MEMBERSHIP. A member may be suspended for lack of contribution, or for disciplinary reasons. After a suspension, a member may decide to keep the suspension for undefined period of time instead of terminating the membership. However, a member who has been suspended, will not be able to vote and to participate to social activities, such us networking, events, general assembly of the members, webinars or seminars, meetings, metaverse and other. Members who have not paid their membership fee and base social contribution yet after 40 days from the date of registration/activation are automatically suspended in White Cross Union for undefined period of time without need of notification of the suspension procedure. However, White Cross Union may still send invitations, automated-letters, proposals, offers to a suspended-member. The reactivation of the membership after a suspension takes not less than 14 days (fourteen days) to restore the membership and requires the payment of the pending fees plus an administrative fee of 20 EUR (twenty €) to give to the charity fund of White Cross Union. The same rules are valid also for the members of the Management Board of White Cross Union.

14.10. GUNS AND WEAPONS. It is strictly forbidden for the members to wear or carry a gun, or any weapon, explosive material, inclusive fireworks, during operations, activities, events, meetings of White Cross Union unless it is both authorized by White Cross Union for security reasons and the member who carries the gun has been allowed by the State to carry a gun in a public place (e.g. member police officer). The White Cross officials and members are a humanitarian force against any kind of violence. Exceptions are measured place by place by White Cross Union in war zone and war times.

15. COMMUNICATIONS IN ENGLISH. Communications, media, press, reports, and resolutions in “White Cross Union” may be in Estonian language or English language or other language. During service such us an external emergency service, a medical rescue, civil protection task or other service for people-care, the Crew-Chief (CC) or the responsible member of the operation determines the language to adopt for communications between crew members.

16. REGULATIONS UPDATE. Members are aware that time by time the privacy statement, the cookies policy on web, the legal disclaimers, and the White Cross general regulations may be updated. Anytime a relevant update occurs the White Cross Union will notify the members through a communication via Twitter account at the internet address The notification will be simply with link to the updated page. Members shall complain about a change of a rule or the introduction of a new rule not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of notification on Twitter by letter sent to White Cross Union via e-mail. If a member refuses the introduction of a new rule, the membership of the member is suspended. The rules are made for the members, for the safety, for the charity and for the health´s of the Union: it is important that all members follow the rules for the best experience in the community. The regulations are carefully studied and approved by the member of the management board. White Cross Union recommends the members to read frequently the social regulations of White Cross Union and stay updated.

17. CONTACT SHARING. White Cross Union association can share your contact details such us name, e-mail, phone number, business name, picture, with other members also without asking permission, for supporting members to find a potential professional match, or in the professional networking platform of White Cross Union. White Cross Union may connect members via e-mail, whatsapp, Facebook groups, conferences online or onsite, phone calls on in other ways.

18.0 LEGAL ADVISORS, MENTORS AND BUSINESS CONSULTANT. Legal providers, mentors and lawyer members may be allowed by White Cross Union to provide other members with legal services, accounting, tax advice, legal counsel, or business consulting. To become advisor or mentor in White Cross Union, a member may ask to White Cross Union by e-mail. If White Cross Union approves, the member who gets enabled for providing services shall contribute with a membership fee of 45 EUR a year like for all business members. The amount is minimal: the member may decide to give a bigger voluntary contribution, however not mandatory. If the promotion of the service in White Cross Union requires works (for example graphic, banner, ads, new pages, mailing, videos), the member who provides the service shall cover the costs. Moreover, the legal advisors, mentor or business consultants of White Cross Unions agree to provide a first legal advice “pro bono” or at lowest fare, and after that in the future for a fair pricing. In case of “deal” for the legal provider, a voluntary donation (any amount, at least 10 EUR) to the White Cross Union is required to support the social activities and the charity operations of White Cross Union. White Cross Union is in right to suspend in the association the services provided by the member-advisor anytime and for any reason, giving a written notification to the member-advisor. White Cross Union may verify and survey the quality of the service provided by the members to other members.

18.1 MEDICAL ADVISOR OR FAMILY DOCTOR. If a medical service is provided by a medical operator, doctor, paramedic, clinic or nurse, the conditions of the above-mentioned paragraph 18.0 are applied, but the yearly contribution is 15 EUR, instead of 45 EUR, and plus the medical practitioner member provide the White Cross Union with a contribution variable from 5% to 20% of the nett-transaction. The medical member may donate the fee or ask for invoice. Donations of the medical operator for “deals” are not mandatory. For example, a member-doctor enrols new patients who are members of White Cross Union, and contribute to White Cross Union´s charity fund with 10% of the nett-cost of the visit, therapy, or surgery. Medical members who are doctors, generic or specialist, family practitioners or certified nurses might have the opportunity in White Cross Union to enrol “new patients” inside White Cross Union. However, the White Cross Union will keep itself out of the agreement: the medical doctor, or nurse, and the patient, shall meet a private agreement between parties without need to share the agreement with White Cross Union. In this case the medical member, medical doctor, paramedic or nurse, shall contribute to the White Cross Union with a fee of at least 5% of the transaction from the patient to give to White Cross Union within 1 week (one week) from the reception of the payment from the patient. White Cross may search, find jobs and new roles for medical members according to paragraph 21 of the White Cross Union regulations. White Cross Union cares about international mobility of medical operators willing to work abroad.

18.2 DEFINITION OF A FARE RANGE. Members medical operators, mentors, business consultants and legal advisors, who have required to be enrolled as service provider, shall determine the lowest rate, the average rate, the maximal rate, the maximal discount, or fixed special offers, for online/onsite consultations/visits. The member service provider sends to the following information:

LOWEST RATE (for example a lawyer asks at least 50 EUR / h for legal consultation)

AVARAGE RATE (for example a lawyer fix the rate for 100 EUR / h )

MAXIMAL RATE (e.g. a lawyer promises that will not charge the other members for more than 150 EUR / h )

MAX DISCOUNT (e.g. a medical doctor decides to apply in some cases a special discount not more than 20%)

19. UNIFORMS IN PRACTICE. Members are in right to receive uniforms. The uniforms of White Cross Union are exclusive, only for members of White Cross, tailor-made for all seasons and can be acquired by all members for a fair pricing. The sales of the uniforms and other gadgets support the social activities and charities of White Cross Union. The member shall wear the uniform during special events, emergencies, and other operations, unless it is allowed to attend events without wearing a uniform. Members are allowed to wear the uniform or part of it also outside the public activities of White Cross Union. Members who wear the uniform promise to keep a high respectful behaviour in front of other citizens, and not to damage the reputation of White Cross Union. If a member, commit a crime while wearing the uniform, or behave in a scandalous way, or use the uniform for social posting (for example on Facebook) to insult or ridicule the uniform, or the symbol of White Cross, directly or indirectly, shall the member be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the image and reputation of White Cross Union on digital networks. In such a case the member shall also pay immediately a fixed sanction of 10.000,00 EUR (ten thousand €) to the charity fund of White Cross Union, and the damages later. Members may wear the white pants of White Cross Union, as well as any other parts without White Cross Union symbols and identifications, in full freedom, everywhere, and in any condition. Members can acquire the uniforms White Cross Union from the store/shopping platform or simply by e-mail. 

20. @THEWHITECROSS.ORG EMAIL ACCOUNTS. White Cross Union might decide to assign e-mails of the website “” to members to accomplish specific tasks, manage specific projects, or for press and communications. The members who have received a customized e-mail of White Cross Union promises to keep the e-mail account safe, not for spam, protected by virus with antivirus-tools, with a strong password, with double-security (as offered in the webmail panel), and to use it to accomplish the social aim of White Cross Union. The e-mail service provided by White Cross Union may be disconnected any time. White Cross Union adopts safe technology of trustworthy internet partners to provide internal e-mail services.

21. FRIENDLY MATCHING AND JOBS. White Cross Union principles are based on fraternity. “Members” of White Cross Union may cooperate and find deals (business deals, gains, agreements) with other subscribers or members or guests (e.g. guests met during events) of White Cross Union. In case of successful deal members should voluntarily increase the contribution to White Cross Union or donate for the wealth of the association and to support the social network. However, White Cross Union does not define mandatory fees, limits or restrictions and gives freedom of choice to the members for common good. White Cross Union is entitled to search and propose job offers of other legal entities (e.g. external hospitals or clinics) for medical members who have expressed interest in moving abroad and starting a new job, or sent a CV to White Cross Union. Since the activity of job-search is carried out by White Cross Union free of charge, the medical member shall behave properly and respectful towards to the potential employers connected by White Cross Union. However, the medical member is allowed to refuse the job offer. In case of “successful deal” between the medical member and the medical employer, both shall contribute to White Cross Union charity´s fund with a voluntary donation or % fee, however not less than 200 EUR (two hundred €). The medical member who got the job contract is responsible of the contribution to White Cross Union. If the medical member get hired thanks of White Cross Union job search volunteer team, the medical member shall contribute at least with 50 EUR (fifty €) per calendar year White Cross Union may publish some details from the CV of the members on the web, however keeping the privacy and not mentioning the name of the applicant. White Cross Union is authorized to transmit the full CV of the medical member to the potential employer. To support the medical member, White Cross Union may be active connector and negotiator between the employer and the medical member. White Cross Union is authorized to receive details about the results of the negotiation and transactions. White Cross Union may receive a fee from the employer who has employed the medical member.

22.0 AVAILABILITY OF SERVICES AND OFFERS. White Cross Union offers different services to its members. Services might be provided free of charge or for contribution. However, services might not be available, or available only in some locations. Some services might require a higher contribution from the member to White Cross Union. Members shall ask conditions and pricing for the wished service by e-mail. The list of services is displayed on the webpages of White Cross Union. White Cross Union may time by time offer or propose the social services of the association to the members by written letter, video, sms, chat or phone.

22.1 DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS. Members may find interesting and buy products, goods, articles and uniforms directly from White Cross Union and its online-shopping. Any order requires advanced payment of the costs inclusive delivery costs from the buyers or members. Any product can be picked up in person or sent by post/courier. White Cross Union promises to do its best to deliver the paid products as soon as possible. However, the member/buyer agrees that White Cross Union is not responsible for late delivery or for damages of the delivered product, since the delivery might be somehow influenced by global logistics and affected by continental issues such us covid disruption, accidents, wars, disasters, or internal difficulties.

23. AMBASSADORS OF WHITE CROSS UNION. The Ambassadors of White Cross Union are moral representative of White Cross in their own city, region, or country. The ambassadors are important contributors of White Cross Union, help build a local White Cross structure, spread the word locally, bring the model “White Cross”, influence and inspire local citizens and institutions. White Cross Union may decide to allow registration of the local ambassador in the local business register, for assigning a legal function. Ambassadors are featured by White Cross Union on media, invited to special events online and offline, invited to professional networking together with other thousands of members (more than 15.000 networkers online under White Cross work groups) however always under conditions and recommendations of White Cross Union. Ambassadors might be invited as a speaker in specific conferences. Ambassadors shall speak fluent English if they want to talk in private or public conferences or webinars. Ambassadors shall contribute to the White Cross Union with at least 200-400 EUR a calendar year for at least 2 calendar years. White Cross Union invests human resources, time and energy to train the ambassadors and organize local events with them, for this reason the minimal contribution of the ambassadors is mandatory, and a higher contribution, or sponsorship, is welcome. Ambassadors are involved in the social hub of White Cross Union and may bring 1-2 social each calendar year free of charge. Smart projects whenever approved will be supported by White Cross Union for free and featured on White Cross TV networks. White Cross Union promises that for each country, region, or city, there will only be one ambassador. Each city or region may have only 1 (one) ambassador. Each country or nation may have only 1 (one) ambassador. However, each country may have more ambassadors according to the number of city-ambassadors. In this case the country ambassador is appointed coordinator and supervisor of the city-ambassadors. 

24. NETWORKING AND INTERNAL TV. Members, who have actively contributed to White Cross Union and regularly paid the membership fees, are warmly invited to join the networking groups on social medias of White Cross Union, according to their sectors and professional categories. White Cross Union provides members with popular professional networking-groups on social medias such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or other platforms. Each networking group may have more rules: you accept the local group-rules by joining the group. Our networking groups might be moderated also by other persons or legal entities, as well as by the provider (e.g. LinkedIn with its own rules). Membership in the networking-groups might be removed anytime for any reason according to moderators. Members who have been approved in a networking-group may candidate their own article to the moderator team. Our most common groups have more than 15.000 participants, thereby members are invited to candidate relevant posts, interesting articles, research, case-studies with quality-contents, also for their own professional advertising, however for not more than 1 (one) promotion per month in one group. Instead, scientific articles from experts are welcome up to 2 times a month. Members should use video contents for attracting more audience to their articles. Our White Cross TV team of volunteers and media experts provides video services, video production, video marketing, webinars platform with or without moderator, video cloud, TV broadcasting, video streaming on multiple channels, and video hosting, inside the White Cross Union for a fair pricing, for supporting the social initiatives of White Cross Union and for members of White Cross Union in need of video facilities. For sharing ideas and proposal, members can contact .

25. EMERGENCIES AND DISASTERS. In case of disaster or regional catastrophes due to incidents, earthquakes, landslides, tornados, fires, wars, and storms, White Cross Union may contact the members by E-Mail, SMS, or phone, according to the place of residence and experience. White Cross Union may check for availability for a voluntary rescue activity in emergency. In such critical events members are welcome to participate to help, however the emergency service is exclusively voluntary, not mandatory. If the member answers the emergency call and agree to help, the member may arrive the place of the incident as soon as possible in any way, eventually by wearing the White Cross uniform and grades if required.

26. NFT TECHNOLOGIES IN WHITE CROSS. Thanks to technologies White Cross is the first rescue association in the world to convert assets into NFT. White Cross Association issues NFT related to the following important causes: global rescue, children´s protection, children´s rights, family´s protection, women´s rights, safety, social security, special events, or special editions. Members can pay the annual membership fee, or they can contribute to the development of the international association also through the acquisition of NFT (non-fungible-token/s) certified by the White Cross on international blockchains, for an equivalent or higher amount. Links to pages with authorized NFT catalogues are published on the website every year. The catalogue might carry the name “White Cross Gateway” or similar in the blockchains. If members purchase more NFTs than they owe, the overpaid value is considered a donation to the White Cross. NFTs are not refundable. The acquisition of NFTs by members allows members to access new technologies and represents a way to invest short or long term in media assets and unique art-works, as well as transact or sell them whenever they want to legal entities or private individuals. The way how to transact with NFT is entirely managed and regulated by the international blockchains, keeping White Cross out of any responsibility. Each NFT of White Cross is eternal (cannot be destroyed since stored in interplanetary filesystems), unique, copyrighted, certified, and protected by famous blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygons and others. Each transaction or acquisition of an NFT is registered and protected by the highest security level of the blockchain. NFTs are expected to be kept by the new owner for a long term or distributed to spread the word of the “rescue and safety” around the world. Considering that the values of the NFT or media assets can vary over time depending on the requests and the cryptocurrency market, the member who has acquired or invested in NFTs can see the value of the object fluctuating +/-, so as to make possible even a form of private investment of the member who can autonomously decide when to sell or not the acquired NFT.

Cookies policy White Cross.

Privacy Statement White Cross.

Updates: Art § 26 added on 2.3.2023


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