Governance in the Nordic Baltic Association

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Governance & Regulatory Disclosures of White Cross  Association for all members.

1. WE ARE. White Cross is a voluntary international independent association of legal and natural persons acting in public interest for good. The association is non-partisan, apolitical, experts-community, for regional European development inspired by the principles of fraternity. We members of White Cross act in accordance with citizen`s initiative. Now you – as a  member – are part of it.

2. CONTACTS. The main e-mail address of the association is Our meetings, gathering, conferences, events can be arranged only upon appointment´s approval of White Cross. Meetings points and operative centres may change anytime.

3. GRADES. All members are free volunteers, professionals and entrepreneurs in White Cross with different grades or categories according to experience “in helping others” and “competence”, type of participation or public rewards.

4. OUR GOALS WITH YOU. Together with the other members you want to achieve the following social goals of White Cross: To support, advise and improve society, emergencies, safety and protection for the population, especially for children, families, seniors. To support volunteering and citizen initiatives. To launch new platforms for a better Europe. To provide people in need with facilities and mobility. To provide rescue and relief services. To prevent accidents and dangerous happens. To develop medical platforms. To manage regional crisis. To prevent catastrophic accidents. To assist integrations of war refugees. To organize traineeship and webinars. To organize charity events to support social causes. To support and run for fundraisers for smart ideas. To avoid leaving people back. To care about civil protection. To support digitalization and development of digital networks. To organize community common activities. To support environment and recycling of materials. To improve international exchange, tourism and attraction to the whole Baltic area. To create cooperation with other “White Cross” initiatives in the world and other accredited NGOs.

5. YOU ARE THE CHIEF. All members are part of the highest body of White Cross, so called the “General Assembly” of all members. The General Assembly can elect the Management Board and positively influence the social activities of the Association. New members can apply for membership by e-mail, or through the Association´s website.

6. CALL GENERAL ASSEMBLY. “White Cross” calls the General Assembly at least seven days in advance once a year. “White Cross” shall call the general assembly if at least one-tenth of the members of the Association so demand in writing indicating the reason one month in advance.

7. ABOUT MEMBERSHIP.  Members can be appointed, upgraded, downgraded, suspended, or removed, by letter or e-mail. Members may terminate the membership by giving written notice according to the White Cross regulations explained in paragraph 14.

8. VIDEORECORDING AND OTHER MEDIA. Meetings and conference can be recorded by video and audio for any social purpose, for media, radio, press or television. If a member has been granted by “White Cross” with permission to film with a camera during the social activities, then the member shall send the video contents to e-mail Profile pictures of the members, for example from CV or LinkedIn account may be published by White Cross on web.

9. STAY UPDATED. Members shall keep yourself informed about “White Cross” initiatives and you check time by time the webpages of White Cross for press releases, invitations, special events, city actions or expeditions. You are welcome to join or support the training programs, talks, events, and webinars organized time by time by “White Cross”.

10. OUR YOUNG PARTICIPANTS. Any citizen, non-citizen, local, foreigner or alien, not younger than 12 years-old who wishes to actively participate in the achievement of the association’s objective based on volunteering could become a member upon written approval of “White Cross”. Type of activities for each member are decided by “White Cross Union”. Members younger than 14 years-old can participate only in the presence of a parent or guardian and cannot be involved in critical operations such as crisis and people-rescue. Only members not younger than 14 years can participate to people-rescue activities in “White Cross”. Members not younger than 18 years with a drive licence of class B or higher could drive vehicles of the Association upon written authorization of “White Cross”. If the member is aged under 18, a parent´s or guardian´s letter of liability is required.

11. UNIFORMS. Members might be required by “White Cross” to wear a uniform provided by “White Cross”. Member´s grad might be visible on the uniform.

12. GOOD WORDS. Members shall not perform any activity against the safety, reputation, integrity of the “White Cross” and of its assets. Members shall make good word of the “White Cross” and shares good vibes around. You are liable for any caused damage to “White Cross” or third parties. “White Cross” is not liable for any caused damage to members for accidents during the activities anywhere.

13. RESPECT FOR RULES AND UPDATES. Members shall follow and respect the official Article of Association of the “White Cross” as part of these General Rules, published on web. Members shall follow and respect the General Rules published on this page, as well as any future rule, guideline, measure, decision, disciplinary procedure, which are publicly published on the website, or posted on the wall (if available), or sent by e-mail, or published on Twitter at

14.0 MEMBERSHIP. For supporting the humanitarian association White Cross, and the social initiatives, each member shall contribute each calendar year (from January to December) with a fair amount of at least 15 EUR (fifteen €), to give to White Cross within 5 days from the date of registration sent via web. The minimal membership fee of 15 Eur is given by the member regardless of whether for example the member joins White Cross in January or in October. The membership fee shall be paid each year not later than 20th of January. Members can do voluntary work anywhere and anytime according to their own wish, according to the aims and social goals of White Cross, and according to current needs, time by time. Only White Cross may assign works and tasks according to the internal needs. Each work shall be transparently reported between the White Cross and the member via e-mail.

14.1 CONTRIBUTION OF THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD. Members of the board shall contribute to White Cross with an amount of at least 15 EUR per calendar year (from January to December). The officer CEO of the Management Board or the officer General Secretary shall keep track of the work done, and presence in assembly, from the other members of the Management Board. Work can be done everywhere according to the board-member´s wish, according to the needs of White Cross. Only officers of White Cross may assign voluntary-tasks according to the internal needs or regional special events. Each work shall be transparently reported between the White Cross and the member of the management Board via e-mail.

14.2 REWARD-POINTS FOR THE VOLUNTEERS AND MEMBERS. White Cross does not forget who supports the association and regional development through community voluntary works and smart ideas. The Association pays each member with a number of points according to the formula:





















Your points will be useful for rewards and grade. Points are stored in the computing system of the association; however, each member should keep track and record if its points. Each voluntary activity provided by the member inside White Cross shall always be proved in written form. Each appointed project shall have been at least partially developed or actively promoted inside the Association White Cross at member´s account. The Association shall send an e-mail to the member any time a work or project has been recognized with points. White Cross reserves the right of independently evaluating the efficiency of the project, assigning points according to Management Board´s point of view. Collected social points cannot be converted into money. Recognized smart projects, smart ideas, citizen initiatives as well as humanitarian activities will be published on White Cross networks and press releases as extra reward free of charge in the member´s interest: text, video contents, interviews as well as details of the project might be publicly shared by White Cross on a global scale through White Cross´s media networks and channels, or partner´s networks. The value in terms of “media power” of the reward by White Cross Association for the best projects/ideas of the members is about 15.000 EUR (in media assets, sharing, broadcasting, activities, communications, tasks, postings and holding for the current year).

14.3 CONTRIBUTION IS TRANSFERRED DIGITALLY. Except for extraordinary cases, to be valid the contributions from the members shall be sent directly to White Cross Association on a digital way so that they can be registered and trackable. Paid fees for memberships, donations and other contributions are not refundable. Contributions might be used for covering administrative management costs, for supporting citizen´s initiatives for civil protection or national security, for humanitarian tasks of the White Cross Association. The membership´s fees are divided into the following categories according to age and internal function. Contributions may change year after year. Here in the list below the contributions and the assigned points are indicated. The membership title (for example “Member Contributor” is valid for the current calendar year until 31st December. Members may change title each year according to level of contribution in the association. However, points are not cancelled and may be collected year after year. Collected points have only a symbolic value, and they might be transferred to another structure for administrative reasons. Collected points are valid only for a limited period of time and may expire. White Cross Association conserves the member´s points according to given rewards (after a reward, the points start again from zero) and regulatory changes, however without warranty: the member´s activities and initiatives in the association are the most important value in White Cross. Points are indicative for measurement and only temporary valid, however not relevant, not a social goal of the Association (remind social goals!).

Member (age 12-57): at least 15 Eur, receives at least 150 points

Member (age 58+): at least 25 Eur, receives at least 250 points

Member Business: at least 45 Eur, receives at least 450 points, given to its company; every employed person in the registered business who contributes to the Association will enrich the points of the business as well as its own personal points-wallet (it means two times).

Member Contributor: at least 50 Eur , receives at least 500 points.

Member Donor: at least 200 Eur, receives at least 2000 points.

Member Corporate Sponsor : at least 1000 Eur, receives at least 10000 points

Member Angel: at least 500 Eur, receives at least 5000 points


14.4. START AND TERMINATION OF THE MEMBERSHIP. White Cross invests resources in enrolling members, managing communities, communications and workgroups for exchange, therefore White Cross has simplified the procedure for becoming member for a more friendly approach with the new members, and less expensive. The membership is obtained instantly by each person or business, who have applied from any application form provided on the pages of the internet domain “”, or related subdomains. Each request of enrolment sent to White Cross is valid as request of membership, and binding contract, if the application contains approval of the data-registration, approval of the inclusion in the members´ list, as well as the approval of the statute of the association, this current regulatory/governance, privacy statement and cookies policies. White Cross immediately approves the membership with or without giving notification to the member. The activation of the membership is valid, if the application form sent via web has generated an e-mail notification with the data of the applicant and sent to the e-mail of White Cross. The applicant could receive an automatic “welcome e-mail” with further instructions from the White Cross. Since the “welcome e-mail” could land in the spam folder, or could be “unsent” due to technical issues, the member should check if the “welcome e-mail” has not arrived within 60 minutes or contact White Cross for verification. From the instant of reception of the application from the member in the White Cross Mailbox, the member will be considered effective member of White Cross for the current calendar year, until December, and from 1st of January of the next year, and for all next years, for undefined period of time until regular termination. However, the applicant should consider itself “member” of White Cross from the instant of accepting the policies of White Cross and sending the application via web. The membership in White Cross Union is time-unlimited and automatically renewed years after years without need of further notification. A member can be excluded by decision of the Management Board or can terminate the membership by sending a signed legal letter to White Cross. To be considered that the termination of a subscription on web such us the termination of a mailing-list (unsubscription) does not mean a valid termination of membership and of the contract in the association. Thereby a member can still receive important legal communications from White Cross until the termination has been explained, legally signed, and sent officially by e-mail. If a member requires the termination of the membership, the member shall pay the eventually “unpaid” membership fees of the previous years, and of the current year, plus a termination-fee of 10 EUR (10 Euro) for supporting the White Cross administrative work. If the member does not pay the whole  fees, the termination of the membership is not valid, and not processed. 

14.5 GRADE AND APPOINTING OF A MEMBER. New members of the Association White Cross are appointed with the base grade “Volunteer”, from the instant of start of validity of the membership. “Volunteer” is the “start” basic grade valid for all new members, and does not give any right to receive specific signs on the uniform. Member´s grade may be upgraded according to certifications, experience, points, or downgraded in case of serious accidents, suspensions or disciplinary events, according to decision of the Management Board. The Management Board might assign extraordinary grades according to points, social behaviour and other titles owned by the member outside the association.

14.6 TRUTHFUL PERSONAL DATA AND VALIDATION. Members promise to forward correct and truthful information to White Cross in any case, both via e-mail, applications, requests or spoken. Contributions provided by the member to White Cross shall come from the same name (or very much similar at least) of the applicant, who has fulfilled an application form of White Cross. This is also necessary for verification of the identity of the member, otherwise the presentation of a valid ID-card is required. Members and any applicant authorize White Cross to eventually check the identity of the applicant/member and to store the picture of the ID-card in the computing system. White Cross is entitled to demand copy of a valid state-issued ID-card of the member at least once regardless if the member has provided a contribution through its own bank account.

14.7 UNSUBSCRIPTION FROM MAILING-LIST. Whenever a member wants to terminate the communications with White Cross Union, the member can unsubscribe from the mailing list, using the provided “unsubscribe” button, or by sending an e-mail asking to unsubscribe. Otherwise, the member can terminate the membership with White Cross Union anytime according to paragraph 14.4 of the regulations of White Cross. 

14.8 DATA CANCELLATION AFTER TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP. After termination of the membership, the member may want to ask for removal of all private data and information stored about the member in the computer-system and in any other electronic/digital/paper system. In this case White Cross Union is authorized to keep only the basic information to accomplish to legal duties. The member who asks the data-research/removal shall come towards to the White Cross Union providing an administrative contribution to White Cross of at least 50 Eur to give in advance. This given fee will go to exclusively to charity fund of White Cross, and used within 4 weeks for a good humanitarian task only, not used for internal administrative purpose.

14.9 SUSPENSION OF MEMBERSHIP. A member may be suspended for lack of contribution, or for disciplinary reasons. After a suspension, a member may decide to keep the suspension for undefined period of time instead of terminating the membership. However, a member who has been suspended, will not be able to vote and to participate to social activities, such us networking, events, general assembly of the members, webinars or seminars, meetings, metaverse and other. Members who have not paid their membership fee and base social contribution yet after 40 days from the date of registration/activation are automatically suspended in White Cross for undefined period of time without need of notification of the suspension procedure. However, White Cross may still send invitations, automated-letters, proposals, offers to a suspended-member. The reactivation of the membership after a suspension takes not less than 14 days (fourteen days) to restore the membership and requires the payment of the pending fees plus an administrative fee of 20 EUR (twenty €) which will be given to the charity fund of White Cross to be used within 3 weeks for a good thing. The same rules are valid also for the members of the Management Board of White Cross.

14.10. GUNS AND WEAPONS. It is strictly forbidden for the members to wear or carry a gun, or any weapon, stun guns, explosive material, inclusive fireworks, during operations, activities, events, meetings of White Cross unless it is both authorized by White Cross for security reasons and the member who carries the gun has been allowed by the State to carry a gun in a public place (e.g. member police officer or army). Exceptions are measured place by place by White Cross in war zone and war times.

15. COMMUNICATIONS IN ENGLISH. Communications, media, press, reports, and resolutions in “White Cross” may be only in English language, Estonian language or other language. During service or special events, operations on site, civil protection tasks, business conferences, or other service for people-care, the member with the highest grade in the operation determines the language to adopt for communications between members, unless the language has been already decided by White Cross for the specific event.

16. REGULATIONS UPDATE. Members are aware that time by time the privacy statement, the cookies policy on web, the legal disclaimers, and the White Cross general regulations may be updated. Anytime a relevant update occurs the White Cross Union will notify the members through a communication via Twitter account at the internet address The notification will be simply with link to the updated page. Members shall complain about a change of a rule or the introduction of a new rule not later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of notification on Twitter by letter sent to White Cross via e-mail, giving a full explanation of the reason for complaining. If a member refuses the introduction of a new rule, the membership of the member is suspended for security reasons. The rules and the ethic code are made for health and safety of the Association: it is important that all members follow this code for the best experience in the community. The code is carefully studied and approved by the member of the management board. White Cross recommends the members to read frequently the social regulations of White Cross and stay updated.

17. CONTACT SHARING. White Cross association can share your contact details such us name, e-mail, phone number, business name, picture, with other members or associations (NGOs) in the European Union also without asking permission, for supporting members to find a potential professional match, or in the professional networking platform of White Cross, or for corporate logistic important reasons. White Cross Union may connect members via e-mail, Whatsapp, Facebook groups, conferences online or onsite, phone calls or in other ways.

18. LEGAL ADVISORS, MENTORS, DOCTORS IN SCIENCES, ASSISTANTS, AND WELL-KNOWN BUSINESS CONSULTANTS. These members and experts of White Cross might be approved by the Association for assisting other members. Members who gets enabled for providing services shall contribute with a membership fee of 45 EUR a year like for all business members. The member who provide actively a service inside the White Cross Networks and Communities thanks of White Cross´s promotional activity, promises providing the other members with services for a fair pricing. The member-provider of the service agrees that in case of revenues from a member (or also from non-members/externals) a voluntary netto donation of 2,9% (2 comma nine percent) of the monthly revenue from the member-provider to the White Cross is required to support the social activities of the Association. White Cross is in right to suspend in the association the services provided by the member-provider anytime and for any reason, without need of giving a written notification to the member-provider. White Cross may verify and survey the quality of the service provided by the members for the other members.

19. UNIFORMS IN PRACTICE. Members my ask to receive uniforms. The uniforms of White Cross however can be given only to active members of White Cross who have demonstrated activism and great conduct in the past 4 weeks inside White Cross Association. Uniforms are ordered and given according to the body-size of the members. Members shall provide a contribution to cover uniform´s cost and delivery according to a fair pricing, and not for more than 50 EUR for each single item part of the uniform (example item is a pant, a T-shirt, a jacket, etc). The uniforms shall carry symbols of the White Cross Association, or symbols of the citizen initiatives promoted by White Cross, or may be without symbols of the association if authorized by White Cross. The distribution of the uniforms, items and other gadgets support the social activities of White Cross. The member shall wear the uniform during special events, emergencies, and other operations, unless it is allowed to attend events without wearing a uniform. Members are allowed to wear the uniform or part of it also outside the public activities of White Cross. Members who wear the uniform promise to keep a high respectful behaviour in the society, and not to damage the reputation of White Cross. If a member, commit a crime while wearing the uniform with symbols of White Cross or symbols of initiatives sponsored by White Cross, or behave in a scandalous way, or use the uniform for external advertising (for example on Facebook) to insult or ridicule the uniform, or the symbol of White Cross, directly or indirectly, shall the member be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the image and reputation of White Cross. In such a case the member shall also pay immediately a fixed sanction of 10.000,00 EUR (ten thousand €) which will go to charity fund of White Cross, and for at least partially covering the damages and legal costs.

20. @THEWHITECROSS.ORG EMAIL ACCOUNTS. White Cross may decide to assign e-mails of the website “” to members to accomplish specific tasks, manage specific projects, or for press and communications. The members who have received a customized e-mail of White Cross Union promises to keep the e-mail account safe, not for spam, protected by virus with antivirus-tools, with a strong password, with double-security (as offered in the webmail panel), and to use it to accomplish the social aim of White Cross. The e-mail service provided by White Cross Union may be disconnected any time. White Cross adopts safe technology of trustworthy internet partners to provide internal e-mail services.

21. FRIENDLY MATCHING AND JOBS. White Cross principles are based on fraternity. Members of White Cross may cooperate and find deals (business deals, gains, job-agreements, etc) with other subscribers or members or guests met during events, or met in workgroups, or met in the online-networking, or passed contacts by e-mail) of White Cross Union also without specific promotional activity for the member-provider as described in the Art § 18 of this ethic code. In case of successful deal members shall voluntarily increase the yearly contribution to White Cross or donate for the wealth of the association, from the current membership year, for the common social good. However, White Cross does not define mandatory fees for such cases, but recommend a fee of at least 0,5% of the netto revenue for month. It is required from White Cross that the member report the deal with another member or guest within 1 month with honesty. White Cross might search and propose job offers of other legal entities for those members who have expressed interest in moving abroad and starting a new job in the Nordic Baltic area, or if they have sent a CV to White Cross. Sending a CV to White Cross allows White Cross automatically to share data and CV with others also without asking permission. Since the activity of job-search is eventually carried out by White Cross Union free of charge, however without any warranty, the member shall behave properly and respectful towards to the potential employers or payers connected by White Cross. To support the member, White Cross is allowed to be both a connector and negotiator between the employer/payer and the member. White Cross is in right to receive details about the results of the negotiation and entity of legal transactions. White Cross is also entitled to receive a fee from the employer/payer who has employed the member in its own firma.

22.0 AVAILABILITY OF SERVICES AND OFFERS. White Cross Union offers different services to its members. Services might be provided free of charge or paid. However, services might not be available yet, or available only in some locations. Members shall ask conditions and pricing for the wished service by e-mail. The list of services is displayed on the webpages of White Cross. White Cross may time by time offer or propose the social services of the association to the members by written letter, video, sms, chat or phone. Services provided by White Cross through external providers and members are without any warranty. It is duty of the member to write down an agreement with the other entity and protect its rights. However, White Cross might monitor the ethic and fair behaviour of the entity-provider and the compliance with local laws. White Cross might indicate ethic and legal issues and communicate the decision to both parties, to the member buyer and the member seller. 

22.1 DELIVERY OF PRODUCTS. Members may find interesting and buy products, goods, articles, uniforms, other gadgets directly from White Cross and its online-shopping. Any order requires advanced payment of the costs inclusive delivery costs from the buyers or members. Any product can be picked up in person or sent by post/courier. White Cross promises to do its best to deliver the paid products as soon as possible, excluded for products given as a present or acquired through donations. The member agrees that White Cross is not responsible for late delivery or for damages of the delivered product.

23. AMBASSADORS OF WHITE CROSS UNION. The Ambassadors of White Cross Union are “moral local representative” of White Cross in their own city, region, or country. The ambassadors, who are similar to “member angels”, are important contributors of White Cross, help build a local White Cross structure, spread the word locally, bring the model “White Cross”, protect White Cross´s reputation, positively influence and inspire local citizens and institutions through smart initiatives or smart projects. White Cross may decide to allow registration of the local ambassador in the local business register not earlier than 2 months after the appointing, for assigning a legal function. Ambassadors are featured by White Cross on media, invited as speakers to special events online and offline, invited to professional networking together with other thousands of members, however always under conditions and recommendations of White Cross. Ambassadors might be invited as a keynote-speakers in special conferences. Ambassadors shall speak fluent English if they want to talk in private or public conferences or webinars. Ambassadors shall contribute to the White Cross Union with at least 200-400 EUR a calendar year for at least 2 calendar years. White Cross invests human resources, time and energy to train the ambassadors and organize local events with them, for this reason the minimal contribution of the ambassadors is mandatory, and a higher contribution, or sponsorship, is welcome. Ambassadors are involved in the social hub of White Cross and may bring 1-2 social each calendar year free of charge. Smart projects whenever approved will be supported by White Cross Union for free and featured on White Cross TV networks. White Cross Union promises that for each country, region, or city, there will only be one ambassador. However, each country may have more ambassadors (for example 3 city-ambassadors for 3 main cities of the same country). In this case the country ambassador is appointed coordinator and supervisor of the city-ambassadors. 

24. NETWORKING AND INTERNAL TV. Members, who have actively contributed to White Cross and regularly paid the membership fees, may participate in the networking groups on social medias of White Cross, according to their sectors and professional categories. White Cross provides members with popular professional “close” networking-groups on social medias such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or other platforms. Each networking group may have different rules additional to this regulatory: you accept the local group-rules by joining the groups. Our networking groups might be moderated also by other persons or legal entities, as well as by the provider (e.g. LinkedIn with its own rules). Membership in the networking-groups might be removed anytime for any reason according to moderators. Members of White Cross Association who have been approved in a networking-group may candidate their own article or product-sharing to the group moderator. Our most common groups have more than 19.000 participants, thereby members are invited to candidate only relevant posts, interesting articles, research, case-studies with quality-contents, also for their own professional advertising, however for not more than 1 (one) article per month in one group. Moderators of White Cross are entitled of approving, deleting the shared articles of the members in the groups, or of giving a suggestion to improve further the articles. Contents should be well-made articles written in English or representative videos. White Cross may help in the video / article production thanks of White Cross TV´s media experts. White Cross TV provides a fair paid service. Members should use video contents for attracting more audience to their articles. For sharing ideas and proposal, members can contact via E-Mail: tv(at) .

25. EMERGENCIES AND DISASTERS. In case of disaster or regional catastrophes due to incidents, earthquakes, landslides, tornados, fires, wars, and storms, White Cross might contact the members by E-Mail, SMS, or phone, according to the place of residence and technology, however without warranty. White Cross is entitled in such events to check for availability between the members for a voluntary rescue activity in emergency. In such critical events members are welcome to participate to help, however the emergency service is exclusively voluntary, not mandatory. If the member answers the emergency call and agree to help, the member may arrive the place of the incident as soon as possible in any way, eventually by wearing the White Cross uniform and grades if required.

26. NFT TECHNOLOGIES IN WHITE CROSS. Thanks to blockchain technologies, the Nordic Baltic Association for Regional Development White Cross Association is the first NGO in Europe to convert assets into NFT. White Cross has started since 2022 converting artworks, rescue assets, medical and national security assets into Non-Fungible-Tokens related to  important social causes such as global rescue, children´s protection, children´s rights, family´s protection, women´s rights, safety, policy, social security, or special editions for passionate collectors of the modern crypto-art. Exceptionally for a limited period of time members are allowed to provide the Association with their yearly contribution by acquiring NFT(s) on blockchain: a free offer on public auction on the blockchain, all transactions are visible and transparent. Each transaction will be recorded, for always protected by the robust international blockchain, and the member will receive the points according to the points-listing of the White Cross Regulatory. Links to our authorized NFTs are published on the website The catalogue is available under the name “White Cross Gateway”. NFTs are not refundable, you become owner of the asset on the blockchain for ever, until you transfer the ownership right to another person. The acquisition of NFTs allows members to access new technologies and support the association also on the new global channels. The way how to transact with NFT is entirely managed and regulated by the international blockchains and external platforms, keeping White Cross out of any responsibility. Each NFT of White Cross is eternal (cannot be destroyed since stored in interplanetary filesystems), unique, copyrighted, certified, and protected by famous blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygons or others. 

Cookies policy White Cross.

Privacy Statement White Cross.

Updates: Art § 26 added on 2.3.2023. Update Points-Listing § 14.2 and general update for improving membership-experience on 13.6.2023.


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