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Engineer? Lawyer? Taxydriver? No matter who you are, where and what you do, you want to help, also without medical experience


Now members of White Cross Union can use LinkedIn and Facebook groups for networking: medical, pharma, bio, policies, smartcities, and others. Made for professionals. More than 17.000 networkers. Help White Cross help people, so you help yourself.

Please support this important initiative. You can come with us to help on-site, or you can sponsor it (10,25,50,100€ IBAN: EE497700771007820295, Swift-Code LHVBEE22 White Cross Union Reason: “Ukraine Expedition 2022”). You have a “white car or truck?” Take it with you! If you want to help, we don´t keep you out, because you are part of the rescue team anyway! Your competence is valuable, even if you have not experience in rescue yet. We will train you a bit. It will be an important life experience for you. Join us and pre-register now! We will go to provide the Ukrainian civil population with relief, medical aid, psychological support for families and children And plus we will do some repairing, cleaning, and delivering for about 2+2 weeks. Your competence and skills are needed. So, this year we warmly invite you to go emergency-trip instead of a holiday! Emergency needs you, for good. PRE-REGISTER TO UKRAINE EXPEDITION NOW or contact us ukraine@thewhitecross.org

New opening in Estonia, Latvia, Finland: Platform for volunteers, doctors, medical operators to support children, disabled, and seniors.

White Cross is enrolling you medical doctors for on-site visits or remote consultations (wherever you are!).  White Cross is searching new premises in Tallinn, Riga, Tartu, Pärnu, Helsinki, bringing a 100 years successful rescue model to the Baltic. It is also for general helpers, social entrepreneurs and engineers. Enroll yourself as a volunteer via application or contact baltic@thewhitecross.org . Our goals in the Baltics are: citizens can book a medical visit, or telemedicine, get home-care services for a senior, or just companionship. There are events, and opportunities for smart social projects and smartcity-projects. Do you have space for White Cross in your premises? White Cross facilities are made for recreational purpose and medical clinics. So, you can represent White Cross international in your city or district, as ambassador, or local director. The international association for rescue volunteers and professionals. NEXT LOCAL EVENTS: dinner in Tallinn and Riga in July-August 2022.  International Conference Healthcare & Metaverse (Riga, Latvia). Join us on time! Only for members White Cross Union.

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