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Nordic Baltic White Cross is developing metaverse for the new web 3.0 in the medical, scientific and crisis sector. Access to blockchain has been facilitated for protecting or exchanging your digital medical assets DMA. Join the meta-team or talk about in White Cross Networking on LinkedIn. 20.000 networkers have joined.

The disaster earthquake in Turkey is a new challenge for the European rescue. Volunteers and rescue/medical associations should think a long-term assistance on site.

© Baltic White Cross. Weißkreuz Rettungsdienst eV. Donna Daryna from Ukraine presents the collection of NFTs together with Donna Carla and Donna Daria from IRAN for women's rights. Daryna wears a metal armor in the Ukrainian colors to represent the situation of the Ukrainian civil women hit by the war since 2022

White Cross ambassadors to develop new rescue structures around the world. New opening in Latvia and Estonia, to help families.

White Cross is searching new premises for recreational activities for our volunteers, medical assistance, ambulance parking and protective shelters in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. We follow 120 years of successful rescue model to serve emergencies and disasters. Contact us to share your location with us or help us to build a new one: help(at)

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N.B. not all services are available for your zone yet or still under planning, but you can check availability

almost 200 doctors have been enrolled in White Cross in previous year 2022

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Independent public benefit association for rescue and medical network development. Made for families and medical professionals. Union of the officials for civil protection in the Nordics and Baltics. NGO & charity platform for good with blockchain for medical crypto assets and sustainable smart projects with social relevance.
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