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The MedChain Weisschain2100 drives to new concept to represent, boost and trade scientific assets. It converts smart assets into smart non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using the new smart-contract approach based on non-custodial cryptowallets for decentralized networks. An asset can be a media content, a project, a draft, a vehicle or real estate facility, like it was a one-kind piece of art-work. An opportunity for scientists, clinics and industrial manufactures to enter the global market, protect their copyrights, and track all trading transactions in multiple blockchains. Definitively your gateway to Web 3.0, metaverse and future.

Weisschain2100 is built on new strategies, integration, long-term archive-protection, sharing ability, cryptomarket, as your stage of the future. A fully new work-space for trading with other scientists, doctors or manufactures, for protecting talent. It adopts best industrial coin-wallets and White Cross International strategies. It will fight against global disruptive events, pandemics, wars, much better than before thanks a faster, safer, clearer and more transparent exchange between game changers. If you want to enter the development group, do tell us more about your aims and assets. You can also share your initiative with our 17.000+ professional networkers. 

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please the specific page of the asset (give us a confidential example of it)
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