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Daniel Janetschek (Officer) for White Cross International at Rotary International presenting new models for safety and tech
  • Improving European development model from the Nordic Baltic area.
  • Launching smart startups and sustainable projects with high social goals.
  • Bringing geeks and smart people together.
  • Promoting best projects, ideas and citizen initiatives for the Nordic Baltic countries, using the power of the White Cross International Network and White Cross TV
  • Broadcasting and streaming on WebTV on a global scale.
  • Casting the right staff for business challenges.
  • Advising your challenge with the rights specialists, leaders, engineers, lawyers, geeks, local consultants.
  • Growing your initiative with smart PR communications for your ideas.
  • Caring about your integration, reputation and health in the community.
  • Providing professional marketing, media, sales, scientific case study, legal and IT services thanks of global talented experts.
  • Helping the society by adopting new models, new approaches, passion and love for the community.
  • Rewarding smart activism with points in the association and community sharing with other 20K members.
  • Rescuing people in need through social initiatives in the smartcities.
  • Empowering regional security and policies.
  • Inspiring the world and influencing trends.

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