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We are glad to have you in our international medical rescue unit. Please do complete the registration and verification process to be enrolled by providing your contribution for 2022 (15 Eur*). You will receive a grade from White Cross to use later on uniforms. You can use secure payment via PayPal/Cards above, or a bank-transfer to:

Beneficiary: WHITE CROSS UNION at LHV Bank, Tallinn (Estonia, EU)
IBAN: EE497700771007820295
Swift-Code LHVBEE22
Reason: membership fee (or plus any voluntary donation)
Currency: in EUR please.
Bank fees: paid by remitter.

(*) Member Medical (private person): 15 Eur
Member Medical Business (legal person/business): 25 Eur

Problem to send your associate-fee from abroad? Inform us to find a solution, and send your CV if you are interested in “moving to another location”: 

Contributor Member (Symbol on uniform: C): 50 Eur
Donor Member (Symbol on uniform D): 200 Eur
Member Corporate Sponsor (Symbol on uniform S) : 1200 Eur
Member Angel (Symbol on uniform A) : 500 Eur
Member Ambassador (Symbol on uniform AMBASSADOR CITY) : 200 Eur**
Member Ambassador (Symbol on uniform AMBASSADOR COUNTRY) : 400 Eur**

Your contribution or donation helps White Cross international social activities and causes! We will reward you for this! You do good, you get something good back.

IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT OUR EXPEDITION OF VOLUNTEERS TO UKRAINE: our extraordinary expedition of volunteers with medical equipment and engineers to Ukraine (plan summer/autumn 2022): 10, 25, 50, 100 EUR or more (please in the bank transfer indicate the reason: Rescue Operation Ukraine). 

Your grade and symbol in uniform might be one of the following:

Member “Volunteer Rescuer”, VR
Member “Elite Volunteer Rescuer”, EVR
Member “Deputy Crew Chief”,  DCC
Member “Crew Chief”, CC
Member “Brigadier Commander”, BC
Member “Honorary Member”, HM
Member “Meritorious Member”, MM
Member “Ecclesiastic Member”, E
Member “Medic”, MEDIC
Member “Paramedic”, PARAMEDIC
Member “Ambassador”, AMBASSADOR
Member “Lawyer”, LEGAL

(**) Ambassadors and sponsors. Think tank.

Your opportunity to be our local leader and speaker. Read more and activate here.

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